Changes + Our Family’s Adventure

If you have told me a few years ago that in my late 30’s my soul’s priorities would change to being in full devotion of my man and my two little dudes I would have called you batshit crazy.

And here I am… spending most of my days at home, getting ready to embark in the biggest adventure ever, finding a tremendous amount of pleasure in cooking yummy and healthy foods and being home at night so I can sing while my boys fall asleep.

I wasn’t ready for it then, I am ready for it now.

Is it easy? Not at all!
Will it last forever? Probably not!
Am I enjoying this ride?! 100000%

If I knew this day would come I could have avoided so much suffering around motherhood, wife-hood, and not-good-enough-hood.

I can also see how those lessons lead me to this moment… Oh life… you tricky little bitch… thank you 🥰